The Mind of a Road Tripper

May 30, 2013

Let's just consider this "The Week of the Road Trip" here on The Unreal Life. I could write about road trips for days. Jack Kerouac...move over. I've been itching to go on another one. There's something so calming about them: never panicking over missing the start of your favorite song--it will be on again in 10 minutes; finding random talk shows; going for the big bag of chips because there's no one to judge you; and finding all sorts of new places to prop your free foot up within the confines of your dash board. Just you...and the open road. Today I present, The Mind of a Road Tripper .

God. This is so good. So good. I love this. I feel wild and free. 

Wait. Where's my phone? 

Got it. 

Man. This is getting tiring. I have to remember not to get tunnel vision. Look at the trees. Look at that bird. What the hell is that...wait, road. Focus on the road. 

Yeah, time for a break. 

What is this truck stop? Marble showers? Stop. 

How many flavors of cappuccino is too many flavors of cappuccino? 

Back on the road. 

I've heard this song like 12 times. 

I'm gonna call someone. 

Wait, I've run out of options. 

Mom, mom...who's that cousin I have in Wisconsin who we never see or talk to? Yeah, that one. Oh, they live in Georgia now? What...well...text me their number. Why? Because I'm BORED Mom. 

Finally got a hold of Grandma. 

Awful choice. Can I get off the phone now?

Did I close the windows before I left?

Historical marker? Don't stop. Just get where you're going. 

What the hell, I'm only here once. 

Are you kidding me? I stopped for this? This is a joke. Back in the car. 

Almost out of gas, better pull over. 

Was that historical marker a joke? Should I remember who that person was? How much can I remember from AP US History...hold on, Pitbull's on. Love this song. 

This truck stop looks legit. 

Better switch to fountain pop, these cappuccino cups are piling up. 


Gosh. I have to stop eating such crap. I'm going to Subway. 

What do you mean I can make it a meal if I get two cookies? Of COURSE I want two cookies!

On the road again. I just can't wait to be on the road again. 

Is there a way to work out in the car?

Where have I heard this song before? Oh that's right...FIVE MINUTES AGO. 

Wow. There really is nothing like gas station coffee. Real treat, this one. 

AMARETTO Creamer? Luxurrrry! The last one only had Irish Cream. Better get two. 

Thanks for stopping by kids! XOXO.
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  1. the conversations we have with ourselves have got the be the funniest. sometimes i wish people could hear me :)

  2. You can always call me, dear! I am uber flexible during the day. And I can dish about wedding stuff to you.


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