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May 21, 2013

First off, thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday for the Bloglovin' linkup! If you're new to The Unreal Life, 1) welcome and 2) here are some good posts to get started with:

The Five Assholes You'll Date In College
This was the first thing I ever wrote on my blog when it started, 
and remains to this day my favorite post. 
It's sharp, witty, funny and sassy. 

Again, sassy. While working out gives most people a rush of endorphins, 
all my workouts do is give me a rush of pure anger. 

While my blog is mostly a conglomeration of sassy posts and GIF letters, I'm also proud that I've gotten to share my more serious side with the blogosphere as well. I know where I've been is a huge part of who I am today, and I want my readers to know that. Laughing is great. But knowing that you can still laugh having come through trials and tests is even better. To get to know the girl behind the blog better, check out the following:

In which I share the true story of my love of the word timshel, 
and how it led me to be the Christian I am today. 

This was probably the hardest post I've ever written, 
but the support and love from your comments was amazing--thank you. 
"Never be afraid to fall apart, 
for it's a chance to rebuild yourself as you wanted all along."

Long before I was a blogger, I was a short story writer. 
You can read a short snippet here, as well as see my more sentimental side as I remember some of my favorite moments beneath those dogwood trees.


  1. Hi! New to your blog and loved this post! I have to say the Assholes You Date in College was my favorite post as well!

    1. Thanks Katelyn!! Love hearing people enjoyed it =)


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