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May 24, 2013

Happy Friday, friends! I'm sure everyone's Monday (Tuesday?) weekend update posts will be nice and long to accommodate for the THREE DAY WEEKEND. Woot woot. What will I be doing?

A lot of this:

While listening to this:
(I heard a lot about this music video. And then I watched it and caught myself going "Dear God. I would actually prefer your to be naked MORE than you already are because your outfits are so hideous. Also, TI is the best part because he just looks so genuinely confused as to why he's there.)

While reading this:
Pre-ordered book magically popping up on my Kindle? Yes please. I'm a huge fan of his work. Hope this one lives up to the expectation!

And in case you choose to read some funniez while recovering from a delicious hangover sunburn, check these out:
Dating Disaster Funniez
The Five Assholes You'll Date In College
This was the first thing I ever wrote on my blog when it started, 
and remains to this day my favorite post. 
It's sharp, witty, funny and sassy. 
GIF Letter Funniez
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Friday Funnies


  1. Oh girl I cannot get ENOUGH of Blurred Lines. I have to fan myself listening to it. Happy Friday!

  2. Haha! I'm am now stalking your blog & reading through your old posts :)

  3. I have been wanting to read that! Let us know if it's good! When you finish you should read Someone I Used to Know. One of my Best friends wrote it and it's amazing!

  4. Autumn, please let me know how that book is. I read both of his others and would be interested to hear how this one is!

  5. Ha ha! I love any Hey Girl picture. And now I really, reallly want to go watch that video. Thanks for sharing on Friday Funnies :)

    Alesha | Lifeology

  6. have a great weekend!! i cannot believe it's 50 deg in NY this weekend, i mean, really? not cool!!

    im a big fan of hosseini as well, i think that'll be my next read!


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