The Ultimate Man Cave: Conclave 2013

March 13, 2013

I. Love. Conclaves. If the conclave had it's own equivalent of CSPAN, I would take off work to watch it. In my pajamas. Probably drinking wine. Which would be slightly sacrilegious. Maybe. Or just...communion?'s the deal...I was texting my Dad and this revelation occurred to me...

I was like HEY...why DOESN'T the conclave have CSPAN-ROMA? And then I was like God, I really hope some Cardinal just loses it when he turns 80 and publishes a scandalous memoir about everything that actually gets said during the conclave (at which point my dad stopped texting me back).

And then I was like...

...doesn't the fact that no Cardinal has ever done that yet kind of make you believe in a higher power? Think about it. At each conclave, roughly 120 Cardinals are locked inside one building, top secret. This is the 75th conclave. Let's say even 20 of those (I'm low-balling it, but I have zero desire to look up when the printing press was invented and compare it to Papal history) were during a time when publishing memoirs would have been possible. That means that 2,400 men (approx.) had the chance to gain fortune and fame by publishing the most scandalous, sought-after story of all time and NOT A SINGLE ONE DID. Doesn't that speak to what an immense God they believe they're serving? That they are so dedicated to His service and His will and their belief in His everlasting goodness that not a single one has every strayed from their promise to keep the secrets of the conclave? It just blows my mind., isn't it equally mind-blowing/awe-inspiring that 115 men can come to a 75% consensus WITHOUT TALKING? (Because further research revealed that maybe the book wouldn't be that scandalous because rumor has it all they do inside all day is kneel, pray, and vote twice a day. But then again it's we would never know if they prayed...or spoke...) And within 5 days (on average, most conclaves since the 1800s have been five or less days)?!?! That is a MIRACLE. Is there any other word for it?

These are just my random thoughts on the conclave. Personally, I can't wait. Commence the day of watching twitter for live updates work!

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  1. THIS JUST IN ABOUT THE POPE!!!! They haven't picked one yet. AHH I hope I freaked you out for a second! Seriously though - I'm excited to find out too!

  2. 10 minutes! Maybe.
    "Or just...communion?" best line ever

    1. Long-distance communion? I think I'm on to something...

  3. Very interesting post!! I feel like i learned alot just by reading it!! :)

    Hope you'll stop by and visit! I have 3 giveaways this month!!

  4. I think they know they'd go straight to hell if they sold out the church haha! Maybe it's the fear that holds them back. Or the fact that they're such incredible people to be there in the first place? Now I'm interested lol!

  5. This fascinates me so much too. I've read about it a ton the last few days and was so bummed I was at work when the news broke a pope had been chosen, and couldn't watch the news. Luckily a friend recorded some CSPAN coverage and texted it to me! It really is amazing! And miraculous! :)


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