Light and Easy: Get to Know Me

March 20, 2013

I thought I'd take it nice and easy today and link up with some fabulous women for their link ups. Wednesdays are rough, so let's just grab some coffee and get to know each other =) 

This week's 'first' topics are:
1. First ever blog post
My first EVER post was "The 5 Assholes You'll Date in College." I originally published it on my Wordpress site in July, before bringing it to Blogger. It is still, far and away, my favorite post I've ever written. I love being sassy. I remember being so, so nervous to put it out there. Would people think I was rude? Not over all these boys? An awful writer? Glad to say it turned out just fine, and I'm glad I made the choice to try blogging =)

2. First ever comment on your blog
The first comment I got on my Blogger site was "This is beautiful...I need to read this book!" in response to my post Overwrite the Lies. I wrote about John Steinbeck's East of Eden and it's profound impact on introducing me to the truth of Jesus Christ and a life of free will. Timshel.

3. First blog-friend or friends
My first ever blog-friend was Kimberly from The Simplicity of Being Curious. I thought she was the coolest, classiest, put-together woman ever with an adventurous life, old soul and bubbly countenance. So imagine my surprise when she became my FIRST EVER GFC Follower. Blogger high, that's for sure. Kim continues to be a great encouragement to this day, and I am always thrilled to see new posts from her pop up. She is intelligent, charming and witty. Check her out ASAP. Oh, and I like to call her my "blog big" (true story..she is) and she helps me navigate the tricky world of Christoph Waltz look-alikes and stranger danger. 

1. Do you celebrate Saint Patrick's Day? How?
STL is big on St. Patty's day (or really, any holiday where they have an excuse to throw beads from a float). I went downtown with some friends for the parade and drinking. Before this, St Patty's day was my "family holiday" in my sorority. We LOVED it, and always celebrated together by wearing green, doing something silly and janky and going out together. I sure do miss that =)

2. It's March which means spring break! We want to know how your spring break went or if it hasn't happened yet, what will your spring break consist of? 
As I told the punk-ass teenager working at PacSun, unfortunately I work now and don't get a Spring Break. 
3. A Zombie Apocalypse happens and you're stripped of all your luxury items. What beauty product would you miss the most?
4. What is the one cause that you feel most passionate about?
I'm most passionate about kids, but specifically getting them to realize that any hurdle life throws at them can be overcome if they have determination, faith and education. Life threw curve balls at me and by no means would anyone have predicated I'd have succeeded like I did. But I did. It's so important that kids know that no matter where they're born, who they're born to, etc they can all still achieve. 
5. What's the #1 most played song on your ipod?
I...don't use my iPod. I'm a big fan of Pandora or YouTube. Currently, my most repeated song on YouTube is "Just Give me a Reason" by P!nk. She is one of those rare artists that I don't think I've ever actually not liked something she's produced. 
(Also, she used her husband instead of a model in this love love.)

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  1. Your very first post is far more entertaining than most of ours! Like seriously. Way to think up some good material, rather than just a traditional, "HI, this is my blog and this is me and this is where I'll write about me..." Cuz that's all mine was... haha :) Glad you joined in and linked up with us last week!


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