That Time I Joined a Sorority

March 10, 2013

Since it closes today, I should probably participate in my own link-up. Shwoopsies. What can I say, it hasn't been my week. It's hard to believe that just at the beginning of this week was International Badge Day. Thank you to everyone who has linked up. It has truly been a joy reading your posts and being reminded of what a wonderful sisterhood we all share as sorority women.

A lot of people have gone really deep in their posts--talking about some really, really great things they learned. And while it's true that I learned servant leadership, time management and communication skills from my sorority...I think that today I just want to talk about the little things I learned. Things that don't go in a brochure or speech or bulletin. Things that go in the heart, written for keepsies.

I learned...

...that sometimes you don't know what you're getting yourself into, but you have to trust the process, trust the people who went before you and trust that it's going to give you something you need. 

...that sometimes a best friend is one who realizes that after a long night at the library, you need a Paris Hilton's BFF marathon.

...that nachos are the answer to everything.

...that nothing is better than a sunny day and a BBQ at the fraternity house. Unless the BBQ happens on the roof so you can lay in the sun and watch the people below you. 

...that sometimes a sign of a best-friendship is when they trust you to make their snack pack for night class. Or when you think you just need a 'night in,' but they know that what you really need is for them to jump on you in bed, wake you up and force you out for a night of air hockey, drinking games and frozen pizza.

...that there is something to be learned from everyone. 

...that you can't force a relationship. 

...that sometimes caring isn't being there the most, or the best...but just consistently and honestly (Thanks, Big). give what you have, when you can, where you are.

...that being a hot mess is completely okay. One of my favorite quotes that my grand little ever said to me was this: "I remember when I met you, and I thought that you were this big, classy senior who had her shit together. Then I got to know you, and what a hot mess you are. And now I like you even better."

...that just when you feel like giving up, you should keep going.

One, Two, Three words, love them until I die.
One, Two, Three words, Pi Beta Phi.


  1. This made me happy. I love you Elpster

  2. enjoyed reading today. this is sweet. :)

  3. Just discovered your blog. I'm a PBP too :)

    1. Woo hoo! Love that--thanks for stopping by =)


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