Dating Disasters

March 7, 2013

Well, after dating 5 Assholes and a Monogamous Mono Man, it really wasn't hard to think of potential candidates for Allie's Dating Disasters Link-Up. God love 'em, 'cause I sure don't.

Disaster One
This one is a good ol' throw back to high school (when it was more acceptable for boys to be dating-illiterate because they were young and stupid. What's your excuse now, boys?!). We went to TGIFriday's, and were seated immediately (not a shocker there). We ordered, and as soon as the waitress left, he proceeded to squirt ketchup on his palm and lick it. That's right--lick it.
"What are you doing?!?!" I shrieked. 
"I'm too hungry to wait for dinner, but I'm too poor to order an appetizer."

Disaster Two
My sorority hosted a speed-dating philanthropy every year. So the following comes from that glorious, glorious experience (no, but seriously, it can be fun). 
Boy: "Do you work out?"
Me: ""
"Well I just don't think this will work out then."
"I mean, I want someone who's going to do all my stuff with me. I want to look over at the treadmill next to me and see my girl right there."
"Well that's definitely not me."
"Ok. Well, good luck."

And he promptly stood up and left. We didn't even make it through the whole 60 seconds. As if that wasn't a disaster warning sign enough, I proceeded to date him for the next year. What can I say, I like a challenge. 

Disaster Three
My ex-boyfriend and I planned a romantic, after-finals weekend trip to Toledo (No judgies--we just wanted to get out of town and we went to school in the middle of nowhere. We didn't have many options. He won me over with a hotel room that advertised a fireplace. However, it did not advertise you had to bring your own wood. Major let down.) The whole drive there, he kept telling me that our first stop was somewhere I was just going to love. He claimed he couldn't wait to take me there, and it was so special to him because it was somewhere he and his grandparents went. I tried to clarify whether it was romantic or whether it had food. He said " could be romantic...and I guess you can get food..."

Let me show you where we pulled up to. My great, romantic, you-share-this-with-your-grandparents-and-now-me-we're-so-in-love spot:

That's right. Bass Pro Shops. 

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  1. hahaha!! I love the first one! Guys it's one thing to be honest about you're financial situation but the be THAT honest is not.

    The third one I was hoping it was somewhere kinda sweet for you, but outdoor world (under no circumstances) is what I'd consider romantic.

  2. hahaha wow. these are BAD! in all honesty… chris has raved about bass pro shops many-a-time. hope you're having better luck these days!

    1. Bass Pro Shop is actually fun in a way, it just definitely did not match the anticipation!

  3. I went on a date with a friend in high school, and he planned for us to meet up with some of his friends at a basketball game. When that didn't work, he took me to his deer lease. Yep, he took me out in the middle of nowhere to watch for deer. That may be romantic for some country ladies, but I thought he was trying to put the sex moves on me...and was having none of it!

    Oh, new follower here. :)

    1. You definitely have a much more optimistic view of life. While reading your story I was like "oh my god oh my god he's going to kill her in the middle of nowhere...or not. phew. good." haha. Thanks for the new follow!!

  4. bahahaha ketchup?! dear god. how did you end up dating workout boy for so long??

  5. How did you proceed to date #2?!?!

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