What I Learned From 'GIRLS'

March 15, 2013

Or, "An Open Letter to Lena Dunham."

First of all, I jumped on the GIRLS bandwagon a little late (I am always late to these bandwagons! Probably because I'm too busy shoving my face full of food to listen to what people are talking about round the water cooler or twittersphere or whatever). So one weekend, I finally got really bored and settled into bed with a bottle of wine and some GIRLS.

I do like that the show embraces 20somethings and the general confusion/transitory nature of that period. I didn't even know there was a whole "20something" category of TV shows, newspaper articles and blogs until this show came out.


1) Every time I ask my coworkers if we can have a lady lunch:

2) Every time I get a paycheck and think that I'm really rich...only to have it disappear when I pay all my bills:


1) I'm certainly not having as much fun being lost and confused and "20something" as Lena Dunham is. Maybe it's because I don't do cocaine.

2) I have never had a roommate offer to pay my rent so I could embrace being lost and confused and eat chips all day and occasionally "write a book."

3) I've never accompanied a girlfriend to her abortion appointment. And while yes, I have been in Planned Parenthood, I've never seen a group of girl friends doing this either.

4) I doubt that people can survive in New York and go to clubs and art galleries and buy food to throw lavish dinner parties and always buy drinks or FroYo with friends on a BARISTA'S SALARY. 

5) Do people really just move to NY with no job guaranteed when they get there? How does that work? Like...really? Is this something I should do?

6) These girls do everything together. I've lived in a sorority house and I've never done half the shit these girls do together, including but not limited to dancing naked together, crawling in bed together while naked and taking baths together.

That's all. GIRLS confuses me. Some parts I'm like "YES, spot on! this is my awkward, unreal, 20something life." And other parts I'm like "Um...no. Try again."And let's not even get started on the ego-trip Lena Dunham went through in Season 2. Any time anyone but her was on screen for more than 30 seconds she threw a Hollywood-sized (though she's too hipster to admit it) hissy fit. Oh, Marnie is on screen? I'm going to have sex with a married man. Oh, Jessa got divorced? Well I'm going to have a psychotic breakdown and admit that "I just want to be happy." Oh, anyone except me is on the screen? I have OCD. Oh, you guys are still wishing that anyone but me would show up on the screen? I'm gonna shove a Q-tip down my ear and go to the hospital. Lena, get over yourself.

Do you watch GIRLS? Are you a fan, confused, disturbed by it or a combination of all three?

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  1. So #2 is exactly how I feel about pay day too. I've never watched Girls either but it seems to be huge so I'm going to start.

  2. I love Girls! I always watch the commentary afterwards by Lena and what inspired her to write that specific episode. Sometimes the stories are completely crazy but she blends stories from people she knows and random brainstorm sessions. All I've got to say is that I would love to write for a show about being in my 20s. New life ambition, I think yes :)

    1. I didn't know she did that! My internet-pirated versions don't have that. Maybe if I saw one I'd like her better.

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  4. I like Girls because it's so freaking awkward. I don't relate to most of it, and wouldn't have when I was in my 20s either.

  5. I've never watched it, but I've heard mixed reviews. Sometimes I want to watch it cause it sounds hilarious, but other things sound odd! :)

  6. OMG Thank you for this post!!!!

    I started watching Girls last week and find it baffling. I can't stop watching though.

    Also, NO to #4. When I lived in NYC I waited tables. And never had ANY money. haha

    Glad to meet you!



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