Confession: Shmexy Singles

March 1, 2013

Confession: I want to date single dads. 

Have you ever sat on the beach or in the mall with a friend, and you can't help but mention to each other all the attractive people that walk by (hey, I admire God's creations!)? Every time that happens, the people I point out are always single dads. Always.

Is there anything sexier than a single dad double-hipping two kids? Or his big, strong, comforting dad-hands picking his tiny little daughter up and tying her shoe? No.

There are several reasons why single dads would be great to date (or at least I think so):

  1. They're more emotionally mature than other men their age. They can handle crying and sickness and silliness because they're around it everyday.
  2. They're grounded and realistic.
  3. They come pre-packaged with a kid. Confession: I don't want to have my own babies. I would like someone else to do that for me. Single dads--PERFECT. 
  4. They're EXCELLENT DRIVERS (which is an absolute MUST in my dating list) because they have to protect their precious little babies!
  5. They wouldn't be clingy and annoying because they don't have TIME for that. They got a kid to take care of! Relationship Claustrophobia--not a problem! 
This morning, a few of my coworkers and I were volunteering at Read Across America at the mall. Single dads abound. In response to some one's question about how the even was going, my friend responded with, "Well, I'm sitting here staring at all the cute children I want to take home and Autumn is scoping for single dads. So, pretty well!"

Truth. Confession: I creep on single dads. 

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  1. HAHA I love this post! I can't creep on single men anymore (I'm happily married) but this post is so me. You are right that single dads are the best of both worlds!

    ps- I don't want to have my own babies either...thought I was the only one!

  2. Single Dads are awesome!! I am a single mom and guys definitely don't feel the same way about us lol If only!!


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