4 states, 3 sleepovers, 1 weekend

June 3, 2013

Is it weird to do your weekend update by state rather than day? Oh well. Here we are. In short, this weekend I:

Filled my gas tank 6 times. 
Crossed four states.
Slept in three different beds.
Attended one wedding.
Danced with my sorority sisters like it was 2011. 
And received quite the educational tour on Richmond, IN. 

More, you say? Happy to oblige =)

ILLINOIS (Thursday)


Spent the night in Chi-town with one of my besties, Gracey. We consumed quite the amount of wine while reading All the Rules: your guide to finding Mr. Right, right now! I learned a lot. Like: 
  • You shouldn't accept a Friday or Saturday date if they ask on or after Wednesday. 
  • Regardless of whether you keep up on current events, graduated college, or hold a job...you are a valuable prize to these men (direct quote). 
  • Don't get frustrated if you always end up doing the chores, it's not worth it to lose your patience! 
  • And last but not least, remember...even Cinderella had the last word (what???)

OHIO (Friday)
I can't even. Just seeing that state's name in bold. Angst. Fingers curling.

But. It was worth it. To walk in to the church late while they were all lining up to proceed down the aisle and see her laugh at me because she knows to expect nothing less then the most jankest behavior, made it all worth it. I got to see some of my wonderful sorority sisters and dance like the good ol' days. Eat, drink and be merry....check, check, check. 

Oh, and I met some really amazing Catholic missionaries who also like beer and went to two dive bars. Great wrap up to a good day. 

OHIO, INDIANA (Saturday)
Drove, drove, drove. Ran into my ex-boyfriend at a truck stop. Drove, drove, drove. Spent the night with my beautiful grandlittle, took a tour of Richmond, IN and learned all about drop out factories, dairy farming, basketball and good ol' American life in cornfields. More to come on that little sleepover later, because it really deserves its own post. 

Drove, drove, drove. Visited some really great truck stops. Alright. I can't. Just recapping all this driving is making my eyes cross. 


Tomorrow, I'll wrap up road trip week here on The Unreal Life with Road Tripperies Awardsies (and hopefully come up with a better name for it by then. Oh and I think I'm co-hosting a link-up? What? Maybe? I don't know. It's in my calendar.). And be sure to stop by later this week....because I'll be announcing a brand new, one-time only link up.

How was your weekend?

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This hot mess post brought to you by four states in four days, the surest way to fry your brain! Try yours today! Prices may vary based on gas stations, no known cure for hearing Rhianna 25 times in one day. Proceed with caution. 


  1. DANG! That sounds like an amazing weekend...except for running into your ex boyfriend...at a truck stop. How does that happen?!

  2. Jeeeez that's a lot of driving. At least you had a good time and didn't die at any rest stops!

  3. omg you are super busy, that is awesome and crazy!

  4. oh my goodness what a weekend!!!

    thanks for linking up with me and Sar!

  5. You ran into your ex at a truck stop!?! That's crazy!
    That sounds like a lot of driving...and being that I used to live in that area (& date guys in those far away shanky areas of the states), I know how loooong it can be! ;)

  6. Ehrmahgerd, I remember The Rules. It was a tradition at our chapter that once you read it, you "miraculously" got a boyfriend. It was like a good luck charm. Of course my bright-eyed freshman self was all about this. I went to Barnes and Noble and got myself a copy. I so greatly disliked that book that I never finished it. It was so ridiculous.


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