June 7, 2013

This has basically been me. All week. Waiting to tell you. Myself and my lovely co-host Blair's Head Band are hosting a one-time only, fabulous, hysterical link-up....

I was typing a blog post titled "#bloggerproblemz" the other week when I realized...I'm not alone. We've all had them. Those moments you whine over something blog-related that isn't actually a real problem (think along the lines of #whitegirlproblems #firstworldproblems). So, link up, and let's laugh hysterically at ourselves. Because this whole blogging thing, it's really a little weird sometimes.

 Some of my #bloggerproblemz might include: I don't have enough selfies for a blog button; I wrote my post after noon and no one reads blogs after noon. etc. I'm saving the good ones for the link up ;)

SO....we hope that you will join The Unreal Life and Blair's Head Band NEXT WEEK THURSDAY for #bloggerproblemz. We are going to have some great prizes and lots of fun =) We can't wait.

Anyone else as excited as we are?!?!?! WOO HOO! HAPPY FRIDAY!

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  1. AND Kristen Wiig pictures!? This link up is gonna RULE!

  2. I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited because BHB is one of my favorite blogs! After The Unreal Life, of course.

  3. Haha I cannot wait to read these, it'll be hilarious!

  4. hahaha i LOVE this. you know i think blogging is bizarre - i can't wait to pull some of my whiney #bloggerproblemz together!

  5. such a fun idea!! love it!!!!

  6. Hahaha love this idea! Gaah I hear you on the selfies.


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