The First Annual Road Tripperies Awardsies

June 4, 2013

Hi friends,

Welcome to the most magical place of the interweb, The Unreal Life. I'm your host, Autumn, and today I'm here to wrap up what's been a great Road Trip Week. Together, we've traveled across four states in four days, passive-aggressively attacked my ex-boyfriend's mother and SURVIVED OHIO. Hollaaa. So let's wrap it up. I present...the FIRST ever....Road Tripperies Awardsies.

Best Cappuccino-Coffee Concoction
Devils Food English Toffee Cappuccino, half Dark Roast coffee

Best Supporting Actress
TomTom, you little bitch. TomTom does a great job of trying to get you lost. She's somewhat of a stalker, I've decided. She wants to get you alone in the middle of nowhere, where you can spend some more quality time together. 

Best "WTF" Moment
Realizing you literally have to pay for the privilege of driving across Ohio. 

Most Welcoming Rest Stop: Indiana

Best Rest Stop Goods Selection: Indiana
Giant dolls hanging from the ceiling? No thank you.

Worst Drivers: Indiana
What's the hurry, Murray? Those corn fields aren't going anywhere. Slow it down, champ. 

Most Overplayed Song
Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) by Rihanna on Grooveshark Come And Get It ( by Selena Gomez on Grooveshark

Best Tweets

And that, dear readers, concludes Road Trip Week here on The Unreal Life. Hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to stop by again later this week as I reveal my big surpriiiiiiiiiiiiise =) BIG surprise. HUGE excitement.

What road tripperies awardsies categories did I forget? Who won best dressed? Worst dressed? 
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