Mama's a got brand new...BLOG DESIGN

June 19, 2013

Hiiiiiiii kids,

WHATDYA THINK?? Pretty snazzy, huh? All I could think of the whole time I was waiting to write this post was the part in Rudolph where he runs around and goes "I'm cute! She says I'm cuuuuute." because I'm just so excited to run around and tell everyone what an amazing job Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars did on this design. 

First of all (and last of all), let's talk about how awesome Sarah was to work with. Right around the time I was thinking of making this legit with a swanky design, I read a post from a designer basically bitching new bloggers out for "expecting designers to read their mind." She said that unless you knew exactly what you wanted, don't bother. 

Terrifying. So, I went to Sarah. My first email went something like this:

"So like umm...I don't know, I want a blog design but I don't really know what I want. 
But I don't want gold glitter. 
Do you do things other than gold glitter?"

Which I emailed her.
From my gold-glitter covered iPhone.
With my gold glitter nail polish.

Awesome. Moving on. Sarah was so nice and her excitement helped make me feel more comfortable about the fact I had no idea what I wanted. She has a quick questionnaire that is so helpful for newbies. She put up with my constant emails and "Can we try..." and she didn't even judge me when I sent her pictures of tribal print underwear as examples. 

I can't confirm or deny that Sarah was a mind reader, but I do know that she was insanely patient, creative, open and encouraging throughout the whole process. If you're looking for a designer, be sure to stop by and check out her work

Oh, and random housekeeping items: 1) It's not too late to vote for me as cutest blogger baby; 2) There are a lot of new faces around here (WAH SO EXCITED), so make sure to enter to win some Starbucks and Sephora as a thank you for following this unreal life!!

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  1. I ADORE this new look! And tribal underwear? You made me snort out loud.. at work.

    Stunning work!

  2. Love the look! Absolutely adore it.

  3. Your new look is AWESOME! I LOVE your signature with the arrow! And I definitely chuckled (is that a thing?) on the gold glitter part. :)

  4. Love!! I love Sarah's work. And Sarah. And gold glitter. But the sans-gold glitter design looks FAB!

  5. Hey Autumn! I really like the new look. You are using your white space better which is always more pleasing to the eye as a reader. I like the colors too. Eye catching but not too bright.

    I know you are single and looking for love, but you should check out my 3 day series I'm running right now on online dating/ and my advice/tips and stories...tomorrow I talk about my facebook fiasco relating to's going to be good! I think you would get a kick out of it :)

    Love your blog and all of the stories you share :)


  6. Love it! I need a new blog design, asap! :)


    Fierce & Fashionable

  7. Love the new design! Sarah did mine too! She is the best and hilarious love her blog and designs.

  8. love the new design! And love the recap of your convos with Sarah haha I feel like I would be the exact same way!

  9. The design looks so so good! And so so cool!!

  10. luurrveeee it!

    love tribal print!! glad you used the other pic in a button!! :)

  11. I am a sucker for tribal looks awesome!

  12. I. LOVE. THIS so so so so much. I am glad you picked this header, I am obsessed with it.
    This is just so you, Sarah is amazing.

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