June 13, 2013

Blogger problemz. We've all had them. Put a hashtag on it, share yours.

1. I finally wore a cute outfit and forgot to take a selfie. #bloggerproblemz

2. This person makes me put my name, email, blog address and a code to two unjumbled words just to tell them how perfect their post was. #bloggerproblemz

3. I went on a first date and they asked me what my hobby was. #bloggerproblemz

Uhhhh....I like writing weird little stories about my life and finding perfectly matching GIFS to go with them. I'm already planning how to incorporate the perfect one into my recap of this date. Uhhh no it's not like stalking, it's a community.

4. It's the end of the month and all my bloglovin posts are group giveaways. #bloggerproblemz

5. Blogger tells me the word "blogger" is misspelled every post. #bloggerproblemz

6. I don't have enough selfies to make a blog button. #bloggerproblemz

7. Someone I actually know found out about my blog. #bloggerproblemz

8. All the big blogs are writing dramatic posts about not caring about drama, but I'm just a little blog so I don't know what the eff they're talking about. I just know their dramatic declarations of no-drama are taking up my bloglovin feed for the next week and a half. #bloggerproblemz

9. I haven't dated an asshole in a while, and my blog claims to be about the journey of "learning how to stop dating assholes."#bloggerproblemz

10. I can't think of another item to make this an even-numbered list. #bloggerproblemz

I CANNOT WAIT to hear your #bloggerproblemz! The link will be open for one week, so make sure to get your #bloggerproblemz on and enter to win some great prizes. Be sure to check out my wonderful co-host of Blair's Head Band, grab a button and link up!
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  1. This cracks me up, mainly cause it's so true!

  2. THIS: 7. Someone I actually know found out about my blog. #bloggerproblemz
    haha #awkward

  3. You're my new favorite. Also your baby picture is EFFING AMAZING

  4. #2 gets on my nerves as a new blogger. So does Disqus. O-M-G, I don't want to have 60 different accounts to post on your comment section. #frustratingashell

    #7: What are people trying to hide? I've noticed a lot of people talking about keeping their blog a secret. Kinda weird. My family and all my facebook friends know about my blog. I wanted them too so I will get more followers and I did. I guess I just don't care because I'm keeping mine pretty G-rated...no drunk selfies. Just good content! I will still talk about crazy stuff and some personal things of course, but I mean, who cares. It's public anyway pretty much.

    Love this! :)


    1. I think people are scared they'll have written something that might offend that person, even if they didn't exactly write that about them. Like if I write a post about my top 5 pet peeves other people do and then suddenly someone I know says they read my blog I'm automatically like "ahhhhhh are they going to think I'm writing about them???"

    2. I'm worried that people will be like, wow you're lame. lol!

  5. omg #2 ahhhhhh, it drives me bonkers.

    my biggest blogger problem - talking (in real life) about things i've seen on other blogs with people who don't blog. So I'm all like "My friend Autumn said..." and my friend is all "wait who's Autumn, I've never met Autumn?" Yeah, me neither, but she's my online friend... like I'm 12... shut up you just don't understand, let me finish my story about her blog post!! #bloggerproblemz

  6. #7 is my life all the time. I am always so shocked when someone starts talking about something I wrote on my blog. I freak out and say "I just wrote a blog post on that" and they respond infusing shock within me saying "Yeah, I know. I read your blog." Then I instantly run through the posts I write wondering if I had wrote about them.

  7. This is awesome. "No it's not like stalking, it's a community." And friends finding out about your blog? YUP. I accidentally outed my blog to all of my facebook friends a while ago. That was fun.

  8. #7!!! Thrilled to know I am not the only person paranoid about that! Ahaha. Not that I have anything to hide, but it's a lot different exposing yourself to people that don't really know you versus people who DO know you!
    Jess (www.whattheefff.wordpress.com)

  9. haha this is great!! PS - you know that you have word verification on your comments right? i mean, im willing to go through it because your post is awesome but i thought maybe you didn't even realize you had it on !

    1. Thank God you told me. That was a nightmare and a half.

  10. Haha! This is hilarious :). I just found you through Beth's blog. Happy to be following along now!

  11. #7 seriously! Story of my life. Sometimes I can see my phone ringing and I know its my mom calling to say she found my blog ;/ ha ha That's when you know it's bad.

  12. #bloggerproblemz

    Definitely forgetting to take pics! UGH!

  13. I love it! I always forget to take pics too!

  14. Hilarious list! I laughed at every single one, even though I haven't experienced all of them myself yet. :)

  15. This is so funny!!! Especially people who talk about blogger drama and I'm over here like what? haha

  16. That is so funny! And I FREAK OUT when someone I know actually reads my blog! I have to look back and think, "Now when did I blog about them?"

    Great Post! I might have to try this on out :)
    XX, Lizzy

  17. Definitely am always uncomfortable if people in real life mention my blog- so true!

  18. Number 7 was my worst, but eventually got over it ^^ After that, I hate when number 1 happens lol


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