Dating Disasters: "Babe"

June 5, 2013

It's time for another tale from the dating disasters pool. Really, I should just write all of these down to make sure I don't forget any. My top Google search term has always been "dating disasters comedy blog" and well...I'm happy to be here for you. Please, learn from my mistakes.

I recently went on a first and second (don't ask me why) date with a very potentially nice young man. Nice, conservative, Catholic, older...he had all the fixings of a potential summer fling love connection. Until he didn't. Until he started or ended every sentence with one word...


I'm sorry. What? This is our second meeting. I am literally a stranger. You are literally a stranger. I am not your babe. Nor am I "your girl" so please don't try to mix it up with that one either. 

Babe you're so funny. 
I'll pick you up at 7 babes.
This is why I like you babes.
We got chemistry babe.

[Literal Conversation from car ride]
Boy: Woah bro, that is a funny story. 
Me: I'm sorry, what? Bro? Are you friendzoning me before the date even ends?
Boy: Babe, we are definitely not in the friendzone.
Me: I called me bro.
Boy: Would you rather I called you bro or babe?
Me: Are those my only two options?
Boy: Babe you're so funny!

At this point, I am literally questioning whether he knows my name or not. For the love of all that is holy and romantic and sane, please save your terms of endearment for someone YOU ACTUALLY KNOW. 

What's the term of endearment that just grates your ears? How soon is too soon for pet names?

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  1. hahaha good laugh. i cannot stand 'babes' thats one of the grossest words. ew.

  2. Hahahahaa! That's ridic he barely knows you!

  3. Being called honey drives me crazy or sweetheart. I had a resident in school that was younger than me and would always called me sweetheart and then hug me. I do not want your hands around me nor those words ever coming out of your mouth again! Some people.

  4. Oh you would so hate me... I PURPOSEFULLY call my boyfriend the most annoying pet names so that I can laugh. I didn't start off doing that tho! ha ha ha

  5. ewwww! I always HATED babe until I got with my man. I don't mind when he says it, but he didn't start saying until we had been dating for like 4 months. When I was ACTUALLY his babe.
    But he just hates it when I call him dude or bro. I do it all the time. Whoops.

  6. Hey Autumn,

    I'm Ginny a new blogger from NC! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I have had so many dating disasters I can't wait to blog about them. I am engaged now but I definitely will be writing stories like this very soon! :)

    What in God's name gives a "man" invitation to call a female, babe, on the first date? Let alone, BRO! Oh my God!

    Seriously, men don't realize why they are single. I wish men blogged, they may learn so much more about women if they did.

    There are truly gems out there. I know, I have one. But it took so fricken long to find him. I'm almost 30. I went on (as you can read about in my Love Story section on my profile) and caught a Facebooks boyfriend on messaging me for a date. Let's just say that they aren't together anymore. Don't cheaters always know they will get caught.

    Lets put our big boy panties on gentlemen and learn how to really treat a lady.

    Can't wait to follow you more!! This is the stuff I like to read. Great post!


  7. lol! omg, bro or babe. your only two options.
    in other news, i think this is like the 5th post ive commented on so i'm officially a blog creeper!!

  8. I always HATED when people dating called each other pet names, especially Babe and I swore I would never do it-- and kept from doing it for years. Now with my current beau, I do it every now and again and I will catch myself (especially around my parents) and think-- WHAT did you just say? I couldn't imagine someone saying it that much.. I would probably either stick my finger down my throat, or theirs.

  9. Oh my gosh I HATE "babe" and "baby" and "hun," especially in the first couple dates. Like we are not "together" so STOP with the tired, cliched pet-names!
    And you joke about him not knowing your name, but I dated a guy in high-school who in retrospect, I KNOW didn't know my name. My name is pronounced k-ear-sten, and I think he thought it was Kristen or Christine or something, because he called me Krissy all. the. time.


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