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August 1, 2013

Oh. Oh we're back again? Already? What? Stop. Who made this unspoken rule that good bloggers post five times a week? Who is it? Because I bet whoever made that unspoken rule ISN'T EVEN BLOGGING ANYMORE. 
Now we're going to talk about sex. You've been warned. 

Anyways, here we are. So let's talk about life. My life? My life is packing. Lately it goes a little like this:
 Dad: "I can't understand what she's saying."
Mom: "I think she's crying."
Dad: "I think...what? Autumn. Autumn what are you saying?"
Me: "I can't sob sob sob I don't know how to waaaaaaaahhh."
Mom: "I think she said she can't move all her books because they're too heavy to pick up."
Dad: "Oh."
Me: "Yeah, sniffle sniffle. Yeah Mom is right. I can't pick them up."
Dad: "Well put them in two boxes."

Lately my life is also student loan problems. I went to a small, private, liberal-arts college in the middle of southern Michigan. My school is so old, that it still requires you to call in every month to make your student loan payment. Hop online? Nope. Good ol' fashioned phone call. Which is fine. I enjoy fake happy-chatting with my loan officer every month as if she isn't about to press a button to suck me dry. 

What I don't enjoy? When my 80-year-old loan officer at my 170-year-old school decides to retire and doesn't tell me. So I'm frantically leaving messages for a woman who no longer works there. Until finally, I decide to contact the Financial Aid director and ask if there's someone else to speak too. That conversation went a little something like this:
"Is there someone else I can talk to?"
"Yes. Call #$@%# at XXXX."
How do I phrase this politely?
Is there someone whose birthday suit I haven't seen
 that I can give my credit card info to instead?

Ain't no one want to give their credit card information to that person. 

And let's just end on this. That awkward time I asked a Mormon to describe me as a bottle of wine...and they couldn't. Womp womp womp. 

When I say unreal, this is what I mean. You know who has their shit together more than I do right now? My sponsors. Go check them out on my sidebar. Click those little buttons. You know you want to. 

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  1. Holy shizz, that is so not cool. Talk about awkward moments.

  2. Ah I cannot even think about how awkward that is going to be! I would be freaking! It's it like a rule that everyone you do away with is supposed to become a loser because they are no longer in your presence and become a hobo so you never have to see or hear of them again?

  3. oh god that is literally MIND BOGGLING. I would have shrieked on the phone if I had been given that news! and that is why you have the best dating-life blog around.

  4. Ugh that's awkward gurl. I'm so sorry!!

  5. Ouch that blows. Crazy though the small liberal arts college I went to in Michigan is 175 years old and it is also ridiculously expensive. Thank god I only have one loan through the actual college and it is online accessible. Our administration sucks b@##$ at my school.

  6. Dayum girl! How do you manage your life being this unreal?! That ish is cray. But keep your chin up! Big things are coming your way.

  7. damn girl! That would be a very very awkward convo!

  8. Those student loans are a bitch. Mehbeh you can refinance through a different bank and that way you can do glorious automatic monthly payments- that's what I did. My life is so much more livable now. Keep your chin up!

  9. You call every month?! I just just her do it directly!

  10. hahahaha best thing EVER! Have fun chatting it up every. single. month. sorry. dying for ya!

  11. Wahhh that sounds like such an awkward situation!!! Isn't there someway they can do automatic withdrawals? That's what I do!

  12. Oh man! I'm totally terrified to enter into the world of student loans! But it's gotta be done! & I learned that lesson about books and boxes awhile ago the hard way!!

  13. And I thought my life was awkward. I think you win. That whole Mormon thing just killed me. Ha!

  14. This should be on the awkward moments the today show has been showing. haha!

  15. I write in my blog every other day. It gives me a day to brainstorm a new idea and it leaves my current post up for two days. If I'm proud of a post I want it to be there for people to read for more than a day, ya know?!


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