Move That Body, Move Those Boxes

August 5, 2013

Hiiiiii. How is everyone?!? I'm not really sure how this whole forming complete sentences/thoughts thing will go, but let's give it a try! You can tell how well my brain is not functioning by the random graphic highlighting of certain words.

Friday started with some good ol' margarita and nacho happy hour. Oh wait, back that up. Before that, we had my goodbye party at work and my boss made a really cute list of "Top 10 Things Autumn Taught Us." At the top of the list was that MI is the best state ever (DUH) and there's nothing better than being an aunt (DOUBLE DUH). Ok. Then came happy hour. Then after happy hour, some friends and I went downtown. We were having a lively debate about whether it's "salmon colored pants" or "Nantucket reds" when we saw two boys walking wearing said debatable color. My friend calls out, "HEY, what color would you say your pants are?" And then we all had a massive bonding moment because they were from MICHIGAN. 

Blah blah drinks. Blah blah make new friends. Met some Germans who were studying abroad. Learned that in Germany, when you toast you must look in their eyes otherwise it's 7 years bad luck in bed. 

Saturday went to the outlet malls. Went back downtown with some adorable strangers I had met the night before (my friends were le tired...and there was a cute boy. I know, I already judged myself). They were adorable. There's something about well-functioning bromances that just makes my heart melt and gets me all giggly. They replaced my name with synonyms for fall, so it was "let's go, carving pumpkins" and  "finish that drink, falling leaves!" It was straight alcohol giggles. We went bowling at 2 am, and consequentially found where the ghetto comes to play. Who knew gangsters loved bowling so much? Like serious gangster. Like, gold grill e'rywhere type gangsters. Have you ever found a group of friends that you just instantly click with...and then moved the next day? Yeah. That was me.

To be fair, I thought they were all gay when I met them. 
Bright colored shirts didn't help their case.

And yeah...moving. I packed every single box myself, moved it down three flights of stairs and up a weird path. All by myself. Every. Single. Box. 

So, I'm going to go sleep for hours and days. And then go see my niece for the first time and bawl like a little child. 

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  1. Autumn, you're so cute :D Sounds like a fantastic weekend girl!!! Glad that moving went okay!

  2. haha glad you had a great weekend, friend!

  3. AH! Sometimes I wonder what the hell the universe is thinking.

  4. Aint that the way. Good luck with the rest of the move girlfriend, excited for you!

  5. finish that drink, falling leaves! hahahahhaa

  6. I love that man's tattoo! The great lakes how prefect :) also, I am so glad you had a great weekend :) Good for you for moving all those boxes. I wouldn't have been able to do all that.

    xo. Kailagh

  7. cute pictures :)

  8. Packing by yourself? That's an achievement. Packing is stressful, that's why there are some people who hate it. But I guess it's just a matter of patience and organizational skill. It's been months, I hope you're doing great now.

    Clay Delgado @


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