You Don't Know Oprah

August 21, 2013

Today I have the most beautiful and witty Sevi from Ware is the Vodka. I truly have enjoyed getting to know Sevi this month, and love how she keeps it real in all her posts. She's got sass, and then some. 

Howdy Unreal Life Fans!  I’m Sevi and I’m the lady in charge over at Ware is the Vodka?!? I do hope that you drop on by, have a drink, and if you like to sew…check out a project or two from my blog. I promise you, I don’t disappoint (or at least I like to think that). Huge shout out to Autumn for having me guest post! This is my first guest post and I’m a little nervous and jittery at where even to begin. I couldn’t have a better first time opportunity with anyone else, because as unreal as Autumn’s life may be she is an absolute doll.

I’m about to get real with you on The Unreal Life. There are two people in life that I firmly believe we are on a first name basis and would be the best friends ever, Beyonce and Oprah. You see, like Beyonce and Oprah, I am pretty phenomenal. Slowly, I am waiting for my big break to sit on a yacht with Bey, Jay, Little BIC, Oprah, and Stedman enjoying fine wines and decadent meals.

Imagine the distraught when I got word that someone (in case you missed it) didn’t know who Oprah Winfrey was. I was sad for them, it’s freaking OPRAH.

 After the distraught phase, I found it hysterical. You really don’t know Oprah. I mean tell me one person who did not cry at the last episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Oh, that’s right – the store clerk in Switzerland….

Then it dawned on me that Oprah was trying to contemplate buying a $38,000 handbag…. Is it made of gold? Do they skin the hide right there in front of you?

Oprah, really? IS IT MADE OF GOLD?!?

Game recognize game Oprah, you are a baller. We all know this.

Unfortunately, I’m not rolling like that because home girl can’t even decided on a $30 purse from Target most of the time. I hope we can still be friends. What I can offer you is the fact that if you were to pass me in the street, I would recognize you in a hot second. You would probably need to call security on me! As fabulous as you are, I am a little disappointed in you for not standing your ground on the handbag situation. Beyonce said it best: if you got it, flaunt it. No need to apologize for calling that store out in Switzerland (spend yo’ money Oprah), take some notes to an expert. I call people out all day, errryday – and I’m just a little ol’ blogger who thinks her writing is half decent. I may not be you, but I make sure people know who I am.

So O (can I call you O?), get back on your level lady.

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  1. I was on Oprah, 11/2003. She's great and all.. but she's not all that great. (I was on the Makeover Before and After show that featured Dr. Jan Adams of the Discovery Channel as well as comedian Kathy Griffin). It was interesting, to say the least.

    1. Jealous you were on Oprah, I can only imagine what it was like. Thanks for the comment.


  2. Omg I have friend exactly like this who is OBSESSED with Oprah, lol. She literally tears up when she talks about her cause she loves her so much! And while I think it's a little weird, I'm that way about Harry Potter so I'm the LAST person who should be pointing fingers or calling people crazy haha.

    Great post (: Congrats on your first guest post !

    Zauni | The Kind Side

    1. I'm more so obsessed with Beyonce and appreciate the hard worker that Oprah is. I love me some Beyonce, but Oprah has a great foundation to success. She just really needed to own up to it.

      Thanks for the comment!


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