Cuz Ya Gotta Have Goals

August 14, 2013

Here, in very logical order, are my life goals.

1. Appear on the Ellen Show. 

National exposure via the Ellen Show will propel me into elite Hollywood ranks where I will be able to...

2. Become a James Bond girl. On the set of the movie, I will meet...

3. lover, James (or any other name). He will be working as the weapons expert for the film, helping to create the most realistic and bad-ass action scenes of the film. People will wonder how he got so good with his hands weapons. His extensive knowledge will be due to the fact that he is..

4. ...a member of the Italian mob. To relax from a hard day of torturing people, he will cook gourmet Italian meals for me while I lay in a triple King size bed of satin sheets and boundless pillows. We will own a yacht. He will give mercy to Italian diplomats in exchange for all their jewels, which he will use to make gorgeous jewelry for me. 

5. We will eventually break up, though I shall never a love a man the same way again. I will return to America and begin my life as a philanthropist, selling all my jewels and working with children. 

The end. 

What elaborate life goals do you have?
You know...the ones that don't really count. 

*~* *~*

And today, I'm excited to introduce you to Toyota from Simple Chronicles of Me. I see a lot of expat blogs, but Toyota's was the first "no, I really just live here...all the time...born and raised" blog I saw. And if your first reaction was "is that her real name?"--don't worry, there's a post for that to help answer all your questions. 

Simple Chronicles of Me 

My blog is a little bit of fashion, a little bit of beauty, a little bit of cooking but mainly is just me being me. My posts document my insecurities, my triumphs, my ramblings and my loves as I "grow up" and I just want to have you all along for the ride.

Why did you start blogging? How long have you been blogging for? I have been blogging since March this year. It's something I've always wanted to do but I finally took the plunge after a guy stood me up for a date. I was angry and I wanted to express that but in an open and hopefully kind of funny way so I wrote my first blog post and I've never looked back.

You have one day and unlimited money. What would you do? If I was being practical I would buy my own house as I still live at home at the moment but I'm not practical so I would say throw the biggest party I could for all my friends and family with fireworks and elephants and ponies and cake and fairground rides. Dammit I'm excited now and it's never going to happen :(

Which zoo animal best represents your ideal boyfriend type, and why? This is the most difficult question I have ever been asked and I did chemistry! Umm I think zebra because from afar they all look the same but it's the personality and little differences that would make me love him, oh my gosh even I'm cringing

Give her a round of applause! Toyota, ladies and gentleman. So head on over to Simple Chronicles of Me and show her some Unreal lovin'. Head straight for the heart with this honest post about moving on, or get a little giggle in your morning reading about what it's like being named after a car. My personal favorite is her post "Shit Girls Say"...British edition.

Follow Toyota on: Twitter / Instagram / Bloglovin'

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  1. I'd be way too freaked out about being killed to marry a member of the FREAKING MOB. I'd settle for pretty much any B-list celeb.

  2. haha love it, go for your dreams girl!

  3. OMG I love this!! And to think it all starts just by being on Ellen :)

  4. I would take Ryan Reynolds over the Italian Mob dude! Replace sell all the jewels and work with children to work with puppies and that is my life goal! :)

  5. Being on the Ellen show would be totally awesome and I believe this goal is entirely realistic. :)

  6. Haha not only is he a celebrity, but he's in the Italian mob. Love it.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  7. I love how you went for the behind-the-scenes weapons tech instead of the lead actor. bravo for giving him a chance!

  8. I think it is every females goal to make it on the ellen show and for the day she gives away all the free stuff!

  9. I think my life would be complete if I could even dance with Ellen.

    somi ◈ gee

  10. I've been in the audience and actually dance with Ellen. It was amazing. It was for my birthday 4 years ago!!!

    Oh and I would like to be best friends with Oprah and Beyonce. Possibly become Blue Ivy Carter's personal nanny.

  11. Seem like legit goals to me! hahah love these

  12. I got really hung up at the mention of a big bed with silk sheets. Amazeeeballs


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