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August 25, 2013

I can hardly believe it....but the first day of school is TOMORROW. I'm already seeing my social media accounts blow up with all the underclassmen I knew in undergrad going back to school. While I was insanely jealous last year, this year those tweets and pictures don't sting quite as much because I'm off to start my own graduate school adventures! So, what better time to talk about something essential to every student: textbooks, and more importantly--cheap textbooks. 

Students, have you heard about Campus Book Rentals? Let's get down to it--when shopping for books online, price is key. Low, low, low. Campus Book Rentals has some of the lowest around. But there are two reasons why I would pick this company over other online retailers: 

Reason 1:
Their new RentBack initiative. With Campus Book Rentals, you rent your textbooks out to other students when you're finished. What this means for you is that you can make 2-4 times more money, because you're skipping the cost of an intermediary online reseller. 

Reason 2:
Millenials have been called the most philanthropic generation to date...
but it's hard to be philanthropic while you're a broke student. 
Even if the desire is there, the funds often times are not. 
That's why I love that Campus Book Rentals partners with Operation Smile 
to make a donation each time a book is purchased through their site. You have to buy textbooks. So why not make your dollar go further, and help children everywhere get life-changing operations?

As you head back to school, be sure to keep Campus Book Rentals in mind for all your textbook needs. I'm off to bury my head in the books and sharpen those pencils!!! School supplies, my secret weakness. 
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  1. Bookmarking this for next year!! I love this idea, that I can safe a little money while helping a good cause! xx

    Allie //

  2. I love this!! I wish I had seen it sooner :( this is my last semester of textbooks... but I will totally be sharing this with everyone I know who still needs books!

    1. I was super overly emotional my last semester of buying books. And then came grad school...

  3. Nice blog Rent, buy, and sell used textbooks , Cheap textbooks at it has been helping students find cheap textbooks for years.


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