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August 20, 2013

Five things that I am really, really bad at 
and really, really need to improve:

5. Throwing away my cheese slice wrappers. I eat a slice of cheese before bed every night, and I would say 1 out of 20 wrappers make it to the garbage can. The rest are shoved under the bed for a cleaning rainy day.

4. Feeling immense guilt about everything. And I mean, everything. To this day, I feel guilty about not eating silver dollar pancakes my Dad made for me because I wanted to play with my barbies instead. I am 23 years old. That was 18 years ago. I still feel bad about it. I feel bad about almost everything. 

3. Blogging on bad days. I love blogging. But when do I not love blogging? On bad days. There's no good way to say "today just plain old sucks, and this post doesn't need a theme." Or "what I really need right now is some encouragement. And I don't want to tell you why. I just want to read the comments." 

2. Asking for encouragement.

You know who I blame? Whatever emo teenager first posted the lyrics of some sad song all across social media, forever cursing the rest of us for all time.

I think it's worst when I know that I'm the cause of my own problem. Then I really don't ask for encouragement. Because why should I? I got myself here, after all. And let's be a real, as a loud-mouthed extrovert...I tend to get myself in these situations a lot. 
1. Coming up with a full list of five things. 

So. While I'm off back-to-back Skyping the loves of my life to get over the immense guilt I feel at the stupid things I've done in the past 24 hours, I'm opening it up to you. 

How do you ask for encouragement? 
What's a quote or image that encourages and inspires you?

Meet Merrie of

Skinny Student
A girl who really needs no introduction, Merrie of The Skinny Student has been blowing blogland up all summer with her effective and efficient multi-tasking workouts and her sweet spirit. Her workouts truly are do-able even for the most unathletic of readers (read: me). 

What is your blog about: I started my blog as a way to track my fitness progress as I work off the weight I gained in my first two years of college. I gained a little over 10 pounds in total after my first two years of college. While I realize that isn't a HUGE amount of weight, it was a wake up call for me. I really needed to start changing some of my old ways and start making some healthier lifestyle choices. As a teen in highschool, I had always told myself that dieting and working out was for "adults" and I didn't need to do any of that until I was "old." Now that I'm in my 20s everything is starting to catch up (my weight specifically!!) and it's time to change myself for the better and become that Skinny Student. 

Can you turn reading blogs into a workout? I suggest grabbing your phone (or tablet) and doing my Walking Treadmill Workout. I have a hard time focusing on anything, much less reading, while jogging or running. So, this workout is the perfect pace to really be able to focus, catch up on all your favorite blogs and burn those calories!!

My guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives. I have a serious addiction to this show and it's awful!! I watch all of the cities, but New Jersey will always be my favorite! Some weekends I will just grab my chips and salsa and not move from the couch if Bravo is having a Real Housewives marathon.

Skinny Student

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    Do I need to drive on over with wine, vodka, etc.?

  2. I still feel bad for yelling at my brother on the school bus once when I was like, 8. I'm much older than 8 now. I apologize for it every few years still, so I hear you!

  3. I just love reading your blog Autumn. But always feel like I write the worst comments. So today, we'll just count this as a little nod of encouragement and a hug. Ok?


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