First Day Report

August 27, 2013

Yesterday was my first day of work at le new job, and my first day of graduate school. First days turn me into a neurotic psychopath. The following are just a sample of questions I asked myself (and many unfortunate souls within texting distance) on the first day:

1. Is there a place to put my lunch at my new job?
I didn't actually ask this. So I just kept it in my purse. 
Now I know.

2. What if I'm not smart at this anymore?

3. Will someone come up behind me and tell me I'm not actually talented at what I want to do, 
and ask me to leave the class?

4. Is it better to arrive early and let people sit next to you,
or arrive slightly late and scope out the best potential future friend to help you get through class?

5. Do you knock on the professor's door,
or just assume that if it is closed they are busy?

6. Do I risk getting a huge parking fine, 
or hunt down the security office for a temporary pass?

Considering I couldn't even find the computer lab, 
the answer was no, I did not hunt down the temporary pass.
But neither did I get a ticket so winner winner.

BUT....after all those endless questions...I SURVIVED. I went to the library and saw all the confused looking jocks using the tables as footstools and I gotta say, it made me feel better. And, in celebration of going back to school, all ads with The Unreal Life are 20% off with promo code 'LAKERS.' 

You know what else makes me feel better? GIVEAWAYS. The winner to my Birthday Giveaway is Kate from Another Clean Slate--CONGRATULATIONS!!! Ya won a bunch of cool shit so sit back and watch your email blow up with gifts from my amazing August sponsors.

And now here's more free money, thanks to myself and the lovely sponsors of Tales of a Twenty Something!! Don't stop, get it get it. 

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  1. I kept my lunch in my purse the first day at my job, too. Then I found out the break room is right across from the room I work in. haha.

  2. If I won the money, I would use it on my honeymoon!

  3. BOO ^^^ she took my idea. Well then instead of just "use on my honeymoon" I'd buy a fancy outfit for my honeymoon. Or maybe fancy lingerie TOO MUCH SORRY?

  4. congrats on your first day!!! I get soooo nervous too.

    oh and i'd but a new fall wardrobe!

  5. The lunch in the purse thing--totally did the same thing my first day at work. I even brought PBJ so I wouldn't care if it wasn't in a fridge. Freaks!

  6. I'd buy a pretty blog design and SHOES!!!

  7. ahh first days are so scary. i've never asked about where to put food until someone tells me. is that weird? haha.
    i would say arrive early, and def hunt down the security. when you do get a ticket, you're gonna be so mad you didn't find him. i'd probably just end up blaming him for being so hard to find.

  8. Where are you attending grad school?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. I would put the money toward rent

  10. I remember being nervous to go to the bathroom because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to find my desk again. You'll be a pro in no time. Congrats on surviving and thanks for hosting the giveaway! I am SO excited!!!

  11. I'd get some picture frames to pretty up our home!

  12. I would get some presents for my family and a nice dress! (:


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