Five Stages of a Staff Meeting

August 6, 2013

1. You walk in. You see someone try to suck up to the department head by shouting unnecessarily across the room that there's an open seat next to them. You're pretty sure they were just bitching about this person five minutes ago. Confusion ensues over whether saving a seat is a sign someone's been back-talking you and now feels guilty, or if they genuinely like you. No one saved you a seat. 

2. They announce a new HR policy change. The same policy change that they spent three months doing "research" on with "extensive cross-departmental discovery meetings." 

3. Someone tries to ask a "clarifying" question. The Director doesn't want to hear it. 

4. You and your coworker decide this is going nowhere. Ensue private conversation instead. 

5. Someone leaves early thanks to a pre-established conference call. Everyone is immediately jealous. 
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  1. Yes. You've gotta plan that meeting/phone call/interview smack dab in the middle of that meeting. Byeee suckers!

  2. I love all the Kardashian gifs for this post!

  3. That or have a sheduled 'half day' for a dr. appt. It works like magic every time. :)

    1. *scheduled* I've got to learn to proof read...

  4. Love this!! It's all so true too lol

  5. New follower here-your reference to KUWTK has got me ROLLING in laughter. Love it!

  6. Ahaha I love this post, I know the feeling!

  7. Haha! Hilarious. So glad you used the Kardashians to illustrate. Perfection.

  8. I hate 'that person' who has to comment on every discussion point and make sure there opinion is known to everyone... most of the time being pointless and wasting time.


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