County Fair, Missourah Style

July 15, 2013

Hi kids! Today's weekend update is just too big to be put into one, so I'm going to spread it out across the week (yes, it was epic enough that I can't even commit to containing it in a part one and part two). First off, let's start with THE COUNTY FAIR

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My friend Amanda (of #livedating fame) and I went to college in a town which boasted "The World's Largest Fair!" I don't think you could graduate from that school without becoming straight up obsessed with county fairs. We got it into our minds that we needed to experience a county fair, Missourah style. And it did not disappoint. 

There were cows and pigs and corn dogs and fair queens and just about everything you could wish for. It was adorable and perfectly small town quaint. Though I did at times question whether the animals were actually raised with the intent to show, or if the kids just ran around their front yard on Thursday morning going "Oh shoot! We need a chicken for the fair!" 

Probably the cutest "welcome to the middle of Missourah" thing I saw was a hay slide. That's right. These little kids laid hay bales all down the side of a hill and then slid down it on cardboard. 

Middle Missourah: Where One Buck is Never Enough

This display was the first thing you saw when you walked into the county fair. Apparently, they really wanted to get the message across that illegal hunting is not acceptable. And since the county fair was the best place to showcase this message, I'll let you make the hop and skip over to the realization of what these people do in their free time when they're not sliding down hay slides. The middle picture is an alligator snapping turtle. Terrifying. 
Off I go! Monday has come out full force this week, yaaaaaay rapid fire emails in my inbox! Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue the weekend update with that time I ate a stranger's hamburger...again.
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  1. Lol! I don't think I've ever been to a real fair! Also I prob shoulda split my weekend recap up also but I'm too impatient! Hah!

  2. This reminds me of the County Fair in my hometown of Franklin, NC! Nothing like the smell of the cow barn in the morning! Haha! Love it!

  3. I'm going to have to cross the pond and go to a country fair xx

  4. Aw, we went to our local fair this weekend and had a blast! Nothing like the smell of manure to bring back them ole memories!

  5. ha! I went to the county fair in the little town I live in for the first time last summer, it sounds pretty similar!

  6. ummmm the largest fair? heard of the texas state fair?! jk yours is probably pretty awesome.

  7. I can't even remember ever going to a fair so this sounds amazing! Super country too haha

  8. Country fairs are the best!! Need to go to one this summer asap. :D

  9. How do I not know about this crap?


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