Mom, I Ate a Stranger's Hamburger (Again)

July 19, 2013

Hello friends!

I feel like some of you may think "I've been known to eat a stranger's hamburger" is just a catchy tag line I throw out there. So today, I'm here to tell you that I have now eaten not just one stranger's hamburger, but two stranger's hamburgers. I am immensely pleased (and well fed).

It all started when my friend Amanda and I were laying out at the pool. We were approached by Mark, a fellow tenant. Cool fact about Mark: he created the dispensing system that allows beverages such as lime-aritas to exist in this world. We sat for a while with Mark learning all sorts of things about 50 Shades of Grey (he doesn't understand the hype, but will finish the book eventually) and growing up (his nickname was gangster nerd) before we eventually moved onto Autumn's favorite topic--food. Mark offered to make us turkey burgers, and I accepted! But first, we had to drive him to WalMart so he could pick up some steel toed boots for his next work trip. I obligingly helped test them out for him by jumping up and down on his foot before he gently goes "Don't forget, only the toes are steel-covered, so if you could stop that'd be great."

This time, I even brought a leetle friend along with me to welcome her to life on The Unreal Side. Amanda (of #livedating fame), take it away!

Amanda, tell us--how convinced you were when Autumn turned to you and said "Stranger. One hour. Hamburger offer. I guarantee it." that this would actually happen? I knew it would happen.  When this girl sets her mind to something, she makes it happen.  The first weekend of being college roommates, we were getting ready to go out and Autumn turned to me and said, "I'm gonna make out with so-and-so tonight." She did and I've never doubted her since. 

Who was your favorite stranger we met at the pool that day? Laura? Lori? The fifty-some-year-old-lady who sat down next to Mark while he was talking to us.  I'm fairly certain the first thing she said to us was "I haven't had sex in 7 years" and then proceeded to give us some other explicit details about her (non existent) sex life.  

Tell us what was going through your mind when we got locked out of his apartment. At first I thought he was kidding.  Then I was worried someone would suggest taking the party to my apartment! 

What was the most interesting part of the hamburger experience? Mark trying to describe to us how to meet people and pick up chicks at the grocery store.  I had no idea it was such a science!

How did eating a stranger's hamburger make you feel? Full and satisfied. (And fat. He cooked the damn things with bacon grease.)

After your first experience, would you eat a stranger's hamburger again? To ever get myself into a situation like this again, Autumn would have to be present.  And if Autumn is present, the answer is yes. 

How would you describe this experience in 3 words or less? Strange, but memorable. 

Do you think eating a stranger's hamburger is an integral part of a full, unreal life? Most definitely.  

On a scale of one to ten, how scared were you that we had found a stalker? After serial killers class, I am always suspicious, but after his "you're not nervous are you?" I wasn't scared.  Of course, maybe after that comment I should have been.... 

Do you have a favorite quote from the evening? "I'm weird but I'm not a psycho" 

Are there any other pieces of the story I'm missing? Pickles + biceps = hilarious pictures. Pool drama. And the fact that Chris (with a C) asked which of us was the sane one and we both pointed at me.

Yaaaay Amanda made her first bloggy debut!!! 
Thanks for all the adventures, roomsicle =)

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  1. HAHA this is awesome. Was there anything creep status in his apartment? Just jars of pickles and bacon grease?

  2. This story is hilarious! I feel like I need to join in your adventures.

  3. this is so funny. it honestly sounds exactly like something i would do. I love the part about the boots :)

  4. This is a hilarious story! ! Loving your blog as your newest follower! Excited for future posts!


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