My Most Embarrassing Moment

July 26, 2013

I'm not sure why I decided to treat every week day like the weekend this week, but I did and I don't hate it and I loved it. But, my brain is a little fried so instead of this post, you get this awkward attempt at my second vlog. Subject: that time I said gangbanger in an interview. 

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  1. I wish I could watch this at work, but I can't. Maybe I'll watch it tonight. I just wanted to comment and say hi. Also, I'm sad we didn't get Blake to give us tickets. And, we reallyyyy need to meet up before you move. I'm free Sunday?!?!?!?

  2. mean, she wasn't interviewing you, she was interrogating you! Either way, I almost spat out my morning smoothie. Happy Friday!

  3. Aww! But come on that's a legit reason to quit! Haha instill can't believe I didn't quit my first year and yes there are a ton of horror stories but even having shootings across my school (one of which during afternoon parent teacher conferences !) I never felt unsafe working in the bronx. Although I went back to meet friends for happy hour this year and another friend who had also worked there for six years went back too and she got mugged in the street and her phone stolen!!we were like OMG u worked here for six years nothing bad happened then the ONE day you go back you get mugged! Wtf!!

    Ps teach for America is the worst teaching fellows is the way to go! ;)

  4. WHAT A STUPID QUESTION. I hate that lady.

    And honestly, if a gangbanger threatened MY life I'd probs wanna peace the eff out too.

    Yer funny

  5. That was her fault! Not yours. What a jerk interviewer. At least it makes for a great and hilarious story!


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