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July 3, 2013

Hi kids!!

I'm back! Did you miss me? I missed you! It seems you have all been wildly busy. My bloglovin feed is at like 184 unread posts or something ridiculous. Goodness! Many thanks to Kimberly, Patricia and Maggie for taking over for me while I was gone. 

Oh goodness. I know I'm supposed to post photos of my time or glorious moments learned...but I'm really struggling to compose complete sentences. So instead you get this:

Things that make me go:

1. When someone says they have to dry clean something because they've already worn it once.

2. When Levi's conducted an ad campaign to save water by washing your jeans after you've worn them twice, not just once. 

3. When I see the Starbucks barista's backwards tattoo of the New York state outline. Every. Damn. Day. Is that the right way? No, no that's really backwards. Yeah, yeah I'm right. 

4. When people brag about getting cast for America's Worst Tattoo on TLC. 

5. When someone wakes me up unloading the dishwasher at 1 am. But only half of it. And not the silent, plastic cups half. Just the loud clanging ceramic plates and bowls half. 

6. When I come back from a work trip and see my bed does not have four perfect pillows piled high by a kind wait staff. 

7. When this kid actually fell for my line "Can I take a picture of your butter balls?"

 photo signature-16.jpg


  1. My roommate does the same thing with the dishwasher! Like hello, I'm sleeping! Do that at a normal time!

    Also, don't you just love bad tattoos? Gets me every time

  2. Hence why I will never get a tattoo. That business is forever! Can't believe he fell for it, he is cute for a kid though. No I am not a cougar! LOL!

  3. Haha yes to all of these! And, that butter balls photo is awesome.

  4. That butter balls photo is so random haha but the backwards tattoo would drive me nuts too. Almost as bad as a misspelled tattoo!

  5. 1. your blog looks really fantastic! i need to contact social & chic... for real.
    2. the backwards tattoo?? that seems like a pretty easy fix. just google image search "new york outline" before you head off to the parlor....mama mia.
    3. i like that you go to starbucks every day ;)

  6. Lol butter balls. And oh man... My feedly app regularly gets above 1000 of unread posts in which case I have to mark all as read and start over! Glad you're back!!

  7. can we say goober about the guy with the butter balls. wow.

  8. bahahaha butter balls. he's cute!


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