The Katy Perry Drinking Game

July 10, 2013


Girls Night is for guilty dancing in your kitchen, homemade mango margaritas and indulging in the movie you've secretly always wanted to pick up at RedBox: The Katy Perry movie.

Take a drink when:
*a fan cries
*Russell Brand is mentioned
*You see Russell Brand on screen
*They show a picture of Katy with braces
*Whip cream shoots out of her bra

Take two drinks when:
*a gay man talks about how much Katy taught them
*You catch yourself actually going "Awwww..."
*Katy's grandma is on screen

Finish your drink when:
*A child from Children's Miracle Network is shown
*Katy and Russell get divorced
*You find yourself texting someone "this is actually very emotional"

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  1. I feel like we should get together and play this game. :)

  2. I love her. I got a haircut in NYC once and the guy told me I looked like her and I pretty much died of happies.

  3. I'm obsessed with this movie. Guilty pleasure!

    1. I did not expect to like it as much as I did!!

  4. Omgsh this is such a cute post! The Katy gif has be cracking up..too funny! Thanks for linking up with Steph and I today!

  5. Me and my girlfriends will be adding this to our next girls night shenanigans! :)

  6. That gif is intense man! But now I shall convince a girl friend how marvelous of an idea this is. Kareoke and drinks? I'm there.

  7. This post is hilarious! Love your blog!

  8. omg. hey, were twins! you said POP not SODA in your bio! ah! so glad you commented on my blog.

  9. This is perfect! PS. I secretly loved the Katy Perry movie. It made me go from loathing her and hating her music, to just kind of finding her annoying.

  10. I think I sort of want to watch that movie and not tell anyone. I would play this game of course.

  11. Hahah this is brilliant!! I honest to god watched this movie WITH GREG 2 nights ago. We both loved it way too much. We will have to watch again and play this.

  12. i love this movie so much. it's legit impossible not to cry. she is amazing.


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