Lies OTH Taught Me

July 9, 2013

One Tree Hill (2003-2012): Two baby mamas of shared baby daddy bond together to open a cafe in this sleepy North Carolina town. Brought together, their children must learn to cope with their family situation while navigating the turmoils of high school weddings, teenage pregnancies, school shootings, brother-killing-brother scenarios and I-found-you-through-your-webcam stalkers. More importantly, can they win the state championship basketball game?

1. Nothing is sexier than a half-whisper, half-chain-smoker voice.

2. You should set up a web cam that is on 24/7 and just do all of your things in front of it. And your parents will think this is totally normal and buy you a higher-quality one so people can see your face better.

3. Parents and their teenage children have long, serious talks about their emotions and mutual dating lives. 

4. Children born to teenage parents never cry and are perfect angels. 

5. Children can lecture their parents and give them advice, and parents will take this seriously.

6. Incomprehensible conversations are really just too wrought with emotion to be comprehensible. They're understandable only through the language of love, with a heavy accent of hormones. 
Brooke: We should do this more often.
Lucas: What?
Brooke: Be friends.
Lucas: We are friends.
Brooke: I know. But we should really be friends.
Lucas: Yeah.

7. If you really love someone, wait until they give you a smoldering look and then say "And I love you for it." But never define what "it" is. Because that would take away the mystique that is integral to the sexual tension. 

8. You can have a school shooting, a stalker and an abduction where you end up escaping by killing someone in your basement and your dad STILL won't come home from his work trip. 

9. No one knocks. Or has locks on their doors. 
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  1. hahahaha! I've never watched one tree hill but this makes me feel like i NEED to. Like the OC meets 7th heaven on crack!

  2. haha this is awesome. I just watched OTH last year....all of it- in like a month. I just couldn't stop!

  3. hahah I love this!!!!

  4. I love love LOVE me some OTH esp b/c of Chad Michael Murray. He's sexy. :D I love it so much I bought the dvd set seasons 1 thru 9. I lose interest a tad in one of the seasons b/c new characters then i love it again. also a big fan of Dawson's creek that i got that dvd set as well. plus already had them all recorded on vhs. life is good.

  5. I love this post! Hilarious ...and true =)
    I used to love OTH I didn't watch the last few years of the show though. Things started to get way too weird and unbelievable lol.

  6. I used to watch this allll the time in college, then I graduated and shit got weird on the show and I bailed. I should really catch up now after reading these...

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  7. I never watched OTH, but I could easily relate this to the OC pretty closely!

  8. Love love LOVE One Tree Hill! This reminds me that I still have a couple of seasons left to watch! Thank goodness for Netflix!

  9. God I miss that show. Sadly, we haven't had the CW in several years so I have to catch the newer episodes on SoapNet.

    Also, you can get married in high school, have a kid, and then go to the NBA.

  10. LOVE THIS (and OTH!)

    What about this one... you can open a club in a tiny town, while you're in high school, more or less on your own, book well-known bands, and then date one of musicians? (Peyton + Pete Wentz = 4eva!)

  11. lol!! i only watched it for the first couple seasons and then i think it got too ridiculous even for me! haha! which is saying a LOT!

  12. This is great! I am sure there are some other lies OTH taught us as well.

  13. What the hell!? Why was her dad always gone? Hahahaha! Of course he didn't come home from his work trip. NBD, she can just go to therapy.

  14. HAHA i love this! This makes me want to go crack open my old OTH dvds! I was addicted to this show! Oh Lucas :)

  15. haha! Brilliant. I don't have any better comments right now. It's 3 am here... sorry

  16. Stopping by from Maggie's blog, I absolutely loved this post! I was/am completely addicted to OTH and its nice to know there are others out there like me. If I wasn't so obsessed with PLL I would start watching OTH on Netflix again.

  17. yes! so funny! I always forget about psycho Derek!
    But Jake Jagielski, he was my favorite.. what a stud!

  18. Oh my goodness I miss this show so much... might have to collect all the seasons and re-watch! I loved it so much!


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