I Dreamt I was Hitler's Girlfriend

July 23, 2013

Aaaaaaand we're back folks, for another round of "What's that mean, dream?" An exciting game where I try to outwit DreamMood.com's interpretation of my dream by pulling an explanation from it that doesn't mean sexual repression or needed therapy. 

The dream:
I am in the Holocaust and have been taken to a concentration camp. They make us do all kinds of awful things and I am terrified that I am going to die. I keep fervently trying to tell them I'm Norwegian, not Jewish. But I'm scared because whenever people ask me intense questions I have a tendency to break into giggles, making the other person believe I'm lying because I can't stop laughing. I practice very hard saying "Norwegian" without smiling. 

We are brought to a big banquet hall, where a series of slides is shown to us. Each slide has a completely made up sentence on it, and we all have to memorize the words--salmon, wax paper, etc. Then, we have to stand in two lines and Hitler goes down the line and each person says one word. But it has to be in the right order, or you get executed. I'm sweating bullets, but fortunately the game ends at the person right before me. Hitler is le bored. We are dismissed. 

And then...Hitler picks me up in his car and WE GO ON A DATE. BECAUSE I AM HITLER'S GIRLFRIEND. He tells me he never expected this to happen and he loves me so much and he just wants to make me happy and I'm like "Dude...then don't keep dropping me off at my bunker every night!" And THEN I see myself and I am MIRANDA HOBBS FROM SATC. 

Symbols Explained: 
  • Hitler is a sign of opression, fear and manipulation of power. Something in your life is making you feel less than human. 
  • Dreaming that you are on a date signifies that you are exploring different aspects of yourself. 
  • The banquet hall means that I am emotionally malnourished.
  • If you see a concentration camp, it means that you are having trouble accepting other's differences. 

Hold up. I suffer through the concentration camp dream
and suddenly I'm in the wrong for being judgemental?

DreamMood's Interpretation:
Dating Hitler is a great thing for you right now! You need to branch out, try new things 
and stop judging people! Only when you learn to accept other's differences 
will you become emotionally fulfilled. 
You don't want to end up like Miranda Hobbs, do you? 

My interpretation:
You're going to be a cat lady. 

you feel less than human because everyone you converse with in STL seems slightly crazy and has very different opinions than you on basically everything in life. This leaves you second guessing whether you are in fact crazy. In the midst of these people, you feel like Miranda Hobbs--straight laced, over-logical and emotionless. 


What's your interpretation? What's the weirdest dream you've had lately?

Also, because I'm feeling sorry/terrified for myself after being Hitler's girlfriend, 
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  1. LMAO. The part about being Miranda Hobbs kills me. I'm kind of behind the idea that dreams don't really 'mean' anything, but I love the interpretation just the same!

  2. hahah..damn girl. Hitler. really! I can never remember my dreams let alone interpret them!

  3. Haha I like your interpretation. It's probably accurate.

  4. Promo code CATLADY I am peeing.

    Thank you *as always* for introducing Dream Moods into mah life.

  5. Hahaha that's awesome! I recently had a dream that another blogger stopped following me on twitter and I was crushed...Interpretation...I need meds

  6. OMG ... LOL! That is a crazy dream. So funny.

    ~Ashley (A Cute Angle)


  7. Haha! I wish i could remember dreams long enough to decipher them - I usual just dream I'm teaching or starting law school... Yawwnnn! Especially during the school year where I would spend all night dreaming about work, I literally felt like I worked all day and night!!

  8. Your dream sounds more like a nightmare to me but it was also really funny to read about (since it wasn't me). I can never remember my dreams for very long but my one from last night is stuck in my head--has been all day.
    I walking around a dark, deserted college campus (alone...) trying to find someone in one of my classes to tell them that the final exam had been moved and the professor sent me to tell this person (I guess we didn't have cell phones or computers). Anyway the person I was looking for was someone from my high school (or had the same name as someone from my high school anyway) which is weird in itself because no one from my high school goes to my college. Then when I eventually find this kid after walking through basically all the buildings he looks nothing like the kid whose name he had from my high school. Anyway (I'll skip some of the boring parts to shorten it), next thing I know I'm telling him that I don't ever wear shoes because I don't like them (opposite of the truth).... he is filming a miniature movie in my dorm room in my closet... while my freshman year roommate is trying to sleep and keeps turning off the light....
    It was just all very strange and I didn't understand it... usually the only dreams I remember are the ones that don't make sense.

    1. Apparently no shoes means you're going through a period of self-identity reconstruction. Or poverty (which could lead to some self-identity reconstruction).

  9. And a shortcut to Dream Moods has been added. This is hilarious! Miranda was the worst, but she ended up not being a cat lady! Although she did get cheated on... not great.

  10. wait this is hilarious. hitler is le tired, then decides you (miranda hobbs) are his girlfriend. YES. also dreammood has hilarious interpretations. little miss judgy...

  11. This is absolutely hilarious.

    I once dreamed that my "boyfriend" (in the dream- don't know who it was) ate a baby, and was telling me that the baby was trying to escape his body but couldn't, then all of the sudden he threw the baby up and it started crawling around on the ground.

    I would what the website would have to say about that?

    On second thought, not sure I want to know.

    1. That is terrifying. I just checked, and DreamMoods does not have "eating a baby" as a category.

  12. That is a crazy dream! But at least he wanted to date you and not try to kill you!

  13. OH MY GOD. Your dreams are like mine - ridiculous and detailed! I'm glad you survived the dream though.

    Also, did you know I share a birthday with Hitler? Not something to brag about, but it's either that or National Marijuana Day. I'm going with the latter.

    PS: Consider me add'ing it up with you. Crazy cat lady, pssshh.

  14. Oh my goodness. This is the most disturbing and most hilarious dream I've ever heard. Ah!

  15. Geeze. That's hilarious/traumatizing! I love looking up my strange dreams online! Usually they are actually pretty accurate and speak to something going on in my life at the moment. Dreams are weird.

  16. Haha. How terrible. Yet funny at the same time. I'm so happy I never remember my dreams enough to analyze them!

  17. Oh wow! And I thought my dream last night was messed up!
    (I dreamt that my grandmother was pregnant... this is weird because 1. she passed away twelve years ago, and 2. she was 92 when she did)


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