Weekend Shennans: Last Ones in the Lou

July 29, 2013

This weekend was:

*Baseball games with good friends and nachos as big as your head. 

*Friday afternoons off for an early happy hour at the Cheesecake Factory.

*Picking up the stranger who's hamburger you ate last weekend for a last minute adventure 
to the Jive 'n' Wail, a dueling piano bar. 

* Indulging in all my favorite pool things: chips and dip, Skip Bo, swimming, sunshine, water and laughs. 

*Taking advantage of the nature trail by my apartment while I can. 

*Finishing the weekend with my friend Amanda's most divine, homemade BBQ chicken pizza, garlic cheese bread and peach wine. 

And that sums up my weekend. So wonderful, I can't even form complete paragraphs =) I did, however, manage to form complete paragraphs for my guest post over at Awkward Giraffe on Guilty Pleasures. Check it out and let me know...what's your guilty pleasure? =)
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  1. I love SkipBo! Along with my entire family, haha. It's a staple in our house

  2. Boo to it being your last weekend in the Lou

  3. I'm pretty sure I'd eat those nachos by myself and would slap the hands of those trying to eat some.

  4. ohmygosh, are we just like life twins or what?? this was my last weekend in nyc!! i also had a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Yay! An Imagine Dragons fan!
    I love amazing, interesting weekends. Even though they sometimes make me more tired haha :)

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  6. Baseball games and giant nachos are my idea of heaven. Sounds like such a great weekend!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend!

    ~Ashley (A Cute Angle)


  8. You. Are. HILARIOUS :D

    Needless to say, I found your blog randomly, read one post, was still reading later when I SHOULD have been doing other things, and am still laughing. SO happy that I found you!!


  9. nachos that aren't the size of my head have no business existing.

  10. Any weekend that starts with happy hour at Cheesecake Factory is bound to be a good one! :)

  11. Nachos as big as your head?!?! I want some!


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