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July 24, 2013

Today I have the absolutely wonderful Eloise of The Awkward Giraffe over to post for me. I'm not sure where to start, without sounding like a stalker. Eloise is blogging proof that all those random posts you read saying "the best way to grow your blog/make blog friends is to leave comments" are TRUE. Eloise left a bunch of comments (woot woot love) and I was like "I gotta click this. I gotta check this girl out." At first, I was insanely intimidated. She's like...the most gorgeous. And she loves turquoise. And she's smart. And so classy and put together. At first I thought she was like a really cute Stepford Wife with good taste in kitchen appliances, and then...she opened her mouth. And I was like "SASSY TOO?!?! STOP." I am confident after this post you will be just as enamored of her as I am =)


Big thanks to fellow turquoise lover and all around awesome lady Autumn for letting me guest post!

Greetings! I am Eloise and I blog over in my little corner of the internet machine, Awkward Giraffe. Why Awkward Giraffe? Because I am tall and thin and people think I look graceful... and then I move. I am a super klutz. I am all arms and legs and if I can bump into it/trip over it/knock it over, I will. It's a special skill I have. Let's just say, dancing and sports are not my forte.

I also find selfies to be extremely awkward...

Moving on... I'm going to share some of my favorite things with you fine people today. Nothing big and exciting, just little everyday things that make me happy.

Red lipstick. If I'm ever feeling a bit meh, I just put on my favorite red lipstick and my mood is instantly lifted. It's basically instant glam. This comes in handy when I'm meeting friends for drinks after work and feeling a bit stale from all day at the office.

Cheese. It's my favorite. Extra sharp white cheddar, feta, Swiss, smoked Gouda, Parmesan, goat, fresh mozzarella,  it doesn't matter. I want it with every meal. Bonus points if it's in liquid form. Mmm nachos...

Turquoise. I love it. I love the color and I love the stone. Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are turquoise and I may have just ordered a couple more from Fifth & Mae. Oops!

Sassy panties. They're guaranteed to make your day better. No one else can see them, but YOU know you're wearing them.

Coffee. It makes me exponentially more productive in the mornings. I don't do the fancy Starbucks coffee very often. Just give me the free coffee at work with a little cream and sugar, and I'm a happy camper.

Antique malls. I can spend hours wandering through a good antique mall. I collect some patterns of glassware, bakeware, and pottery, and it's so fun to stumble across a piece I don't have stuffed in some dusty corner.

Tequila. In margarita form, preferably. This one is self explanatory.

A good great book. One that just sucks you in and makes you hide in another room and scowl when someone dares to interrupt you.

Tattoos. I love to see other people's tattoos and hear the stories behind them. I have two and another planned for this weekend. I'm so excited I can't stand it!

Clean sheets. Is there anything better than slipping into a freshly made bed with crispy, clean sheets?

Ice cold Diet Coke. I am a pretty healthy eater most of the time. Lots of water, salads, etc. But if I'm hungover? You better get me a frosty Diet Coke, stat.

Blogging! It brings together such fantastic ladies from all around the world. I recently started Awkward Giraffe anonymously, and it's been so liberating to just blog without fear of judgement from people in 'real' life. I feel like it's helping me rediscover my true self, and I can't wait to see where this new blog space takes me!

So that's it! Thanks again to Autumn for being the coolest. Feel free to stalk me on Twitter, my blog, Instagram, or Bloglovin. Or not... whatever.

So please share, what's a little thing that can instantly brighten your day?


  1. the fact that both of you love teal/turquoise makes me love you guys even more!

  2. I luuvv turquoise colour way too much but red lipstick is a secret obsession , I am really not sure why , phew. Blogging is that little thing to brighten my day.
    PS : Autumn , I stopped from Kailagh's blog and here's already one more guest , I didn't know or else I'd bring more flowers , wew! BUT anyways , great to meet you . I'm surely connecting !
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  3. we have a lot in common! I love this list!

  4. love all of these!

    ESPECIALLY diet coke!

  5. I'm a lover of red lipstick and antique malls as well! And tequila..but that goes without saying.

  6. UMMMMM i know i just want to stare at her face.
    in a non-weird way.


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